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Learning to Read

Family Game Night: Sneaking in Reading Skills
February 17, 2015 By M. J. Maynard

Family game night! Many families are adopting this tradition, and that is a good thing. Playing games together has many benefits. Children develop reasoning and social skills while spending quality, "unplugged" time with their parents and siblings. This is a wonderful trend for our times.

Sitting down for a board game has bonus benefits for a reluctant reader. A child who balks at the sight of books usually can be persuaded to play a game. This is a "sneaky" way to work in some reading practice while having fun, too.

An age-appropriate board game can offer many reading and vocabulary experiences. While you are playing, have your child read as much of the game as he can. The directives for turns are generally in simple language:  "Go back two spaces," or "Spin again."  Games have common sight words embedded in meaningful phrases, which makes them easier to recognize and read. Being engaged in the game gives a child a rich background for decoding new words, so comprehending the material just follows naturally.

The next time you play, you might want to challenge your child to read the directions for everyone's turn. Whether he wins the game or not, you can be assured that your child has definitely won some good reading practice!

What are your family's favorite games? Please tell us about your good times in the comments below.

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In early reading, discussion about a story activates comprehension.
Structured role play can develop strong literacy and speech skills.
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