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Raising Godly Children

Biblical Literacy: A Gift to the Next Generation
October 10, 2017 By M. J. Maynard

"We will tell the next generation

The praiseworthy deeds of the Lord,

His power, and the wonders he has done."

                               Psalms 78:4 (NIV)

It is very sad that the teachings from God's word are so neglected in our times. Our children know pop culture icons as household names, while references to Bible heroes get passed by. We make "literacy" a very important goal in general education, but "Biblical literacy" is rarely emphasized, often even in the Christian community.

I once heard a former missionary to Russia speak about the lack of Biblical literacy in that country. Someone in her audience that day was wearing a T-shirt with a cute depiction of Noah and a saying about too much rain. The missionary pointed out that the people she served in Russia would not have understood that T-shirt meme. What a tragedy that even the most common of Bible stories was not a part of that country's culture.

Those of us who love the Lord and His Word have work to do. Our children need instruction while their hearts are open and acceptable, so that knowledge of the Bible will guide them in their spiritual journeys.

What can we do to pass down Bible truths to our little ones? Think about these opportunities:

  • Bible story books and other media
  • Sunday School and children's church lessons
  • Bible quizzing programs
  • Memory verses
  • Vacation Bible School                               

There are many other resources that can be added to this simple list. Make it a priority that the children you love get an abundance of Bible teaching, both in your home and at your place of worship. Biblical literacy is the best gift we can give to the next generation.

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