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Benefits of Bedtime Stories
November 8, 2016 By M. J. Maynard

Do you read a bedtime story to your child? It's a wonderful way to close out their day and transition into a good night's sleep. Think of all the benefits that come from those last shared moments of the day:

  • A bedtime story is an opportunity for quality time together. The bonding it brings can compensate for any rough spots that arose through the day.
  • Listening to a good story is a pleasant way to develop vocabulary and literacy skills.
  • This "unplugged" time is a break from all the electronic stimulus of the day.
  • An inspirational story, combined with a bedtime prayer, can be tremendously comforting.
  • It is very relaxing to be read to. Falling asleep is usually the next step!

Reading together should become a routine for most nights of the week. Busy, tired parents will be glad to know that stories do not have to be lengthy to bring good results.

Don't forget that the short, uplifting stories from Sunday Bells can be great for sharing at bedtime!

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