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Raising Godly Children

Christian Grandparents: A Lasting Influence
November 21, 2018 By M. J. Maynard

Has a grandparent had a positive influence on your life? If so, be very grateful.

The New Testament tells us that young Timothy was blessed to have a godly grandmother named Lois. The scriptures relate how she and her daughter Eunice partnered to pass along a living faith to this boy who would later devote his life to spreading the Gospel.

Christian grandparenting continues to have its place in influencing generations today. Years ago, a devoted grandmother in our church always made sure that her grandchildren came to visit our Vacation Bible School. Recently, her now-grown granddaughter spoke at this same church, sharing about her ministry in world missions.

Grandparents are equipped with special resources for serving their grandchildren. Families today live busy, stressful lives, and parents are stretched to their limits. Grandparents can often fill in the gaps because they have extra time and a special patience that years of experience brings. Grandparetns can support spiritual growth in their grand children with simple acts like these:

  • Providing them with a Bible
  • Teaching favorite Bible stories
  • Coaching in scripture memorization
  • Singing Christian songs together
  • Transporting them to church services and activities
  • Financing the cost of church camps and other Christian events

​A most important additon to this list is prayer. It is the most powerful gift we can give to our grandchildren. It is evident that Lois of the Bible and the grandmother at our church prayed for their grandchildren. I know my own grandmother did, also. Let's make it a priority to lift up our grandchildren's names to the Lord. He will be faithful to honor those prayers.

If you are a grandparent, show your grandchildren how much you love them by discipling them. If you are not a grandparent, seek out a child who needs mentoring and encouragement. Your influence will have everlasting effects in the Kingdom.

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